Born in Oregon in 1999, Lev Sibilla (sometimes credited as Liev Sibilla) is a self-taught multimedia artist and professional scavenger, collecting materials in the margins and transmuting them into three-dimensional diary entries, ornaments, and tableaus. His work speaks, in part, of beauty and grief in the new century, existing in the in-betweens, androgyny, the autism spectrum, and the Jewish diaspora. To date, he has shown work on both coasts of the US, as well as in Japan.

IG DM: @levsibilla 

December 2nd-16th, 2023. Millenium Film Workshop, Brooklyn NY. “Body Without Organs” Group show cur. Eden Caine and Serena Hanzhi Wang 

June 17 2023: Portland, OR. “Happenings” Show/Gala cur. Pith Cocomici

June 2023: UCLA/Hammer Museum’s Graphite Journal issue 14, “Pocket”

May 2023 SYNCHRON Magazine, Cur. Ben Sang and Marina Moro Lopez

March 2023, NYU Gallatin, NYC, cur. Beth Gabresilasie: “Sensitivity” Group exhibition.

February 2023, Outsiders and Others gallery, Vancouver BC, Canada, “Tattoo You” Group exhibition.

January 2023, Project Gallery V, cur. Beth Gebresilasie: “Neuroses” Digital group exhibition

February 2023- *ONGOING*, Galactic Panther Gallery, Alexandria, VA. Gun Project. Extended work showing. 

December 2022-February 2023, Galactic Panther Gallery, Alexandria, VA. “New Hue (2)”, Group exhibition.

December 2022, Konomad gallery, Tokyo, Japan. Konomad pop-up cur. Tomihiro Kono. Group exhibition.

October 2022, SEIBU SHIBUYA, Tokyo, Japan. Konomad Pop-up cur. Tomihiro Kono. Group exhibition.

October 2022, Steuben Gallery, Pratt, NYC. “Common Country”, cur. Leon Lister. Group exhibition

Spring-Summer 2021, PRTCLS Magazine, Issue 9: Sitra Achra

April 2021, Radius Art Annex, Portland, OR. ”Permanent Art on Temporary People” group exhibition.

Winter 2019, Goldsmith Blocks building, Portland, OR. Temporary solo mural.

June 2017, Candy Babel, Portland, OR. Solo installation.

Summer 2017, Sequential Gallery, Portland, OR. Group exhibition.

July 2016, Ben Maltz Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Sculptural/Mixed media group exhibition.